The DSV SERIES of UPS products from UPSONIC features 2 units, the ORION 850 and the DSV Series. The DSV SERIES are coded with GOLD so you will easily be able to identify them. These UPS are suitable for home computer; stand alone PC, Point of Sale equipment, small security installations, and places where ongoing power is less critical.

Orion 850 UPS

The ORION 850 is a Line Interactive UPS which provides Green Power Backup for Personal Computers, Peripherals and Modem/Phone Systems.

DSV Series – 600 to 2000VA Line Interactive UPS
The DSV Series UPS is a high quality, compact, versatile and affordable protection system for the home, office or POS application.


The ENERGY SAVING (ES) SERIES is pure sine wave line-interactive UPS based on Energy Saving technology. The ES Series features 5 units ranging from 1000 – 7500VA.
(ALTO) EST 1000 – 7500VA
ESAT Series II (ALTO) EST 1000 – 7500VA

ESART Series II (ALTO) 1000 – 3000VA


The INDUSTRIAL SERIES of UPS products from UPSONIC features 6 units, including the Industrial R/T, Industrial H, Industrial Parallel and the Power + units. The INDUSTRIAL SERIES are coded with BLUE so you will easily be able to identify them. The Industrial Series is suitable for all critical power applications where very low tolerance in voltage is required and zero transfer time on power outage, as the inverter is on line at all times the UPS is in operation.

Cloud Series – 1KVA to 10KVA

The Cloud Series UPS High Output Power Factor Rating with improved efficiency with external battery packs options available and Virtualization Ready Software Solutions Hyper-V and VMware compatible.
Single Phase Rack – 1KVA to 10KVA
UM-IP series UPS is an online double-conversion UPS with fully controlled DSP technology.
Industrial 6kVA and 10kVA
The Industrial 6kVA and 10kVA series UPS utilises the highest quality UPS topology. This unit can be set up for parallel redundancy (n+1), and load sharing for true power security.
IP33 10kVA – 40kVA
The IP 33 10kVA to 40kVA series UPS features parallel option of up to 6 units, three phase in and out system, fully digital control, an intelligent self diagnose function and large LCD display.
Upsonic Modular UPS – 20kVA to 400kVA
The Upsonic Modular UPS Series, is a modular and online double conversion UPS for sensitive equipment. The power rating covers the range from 20 KVA to 400 KVA which delivers the best combination of reliability, functionality, hot-swappable and flexibility at a competitive price. It is designed specifically for data centers, critical equipment and computer systems.