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Upsonic Power Solutions can provide a system which, in the event of power failure or power surges, will protect and shut down your system gracefully or produce power for a time until power is restored.


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Electrical disturbances often cause the supply of unacceptable power voltage. The following are typical electrical disturbances, the causes and the resultant effect on electrical equipment:

A spike is a dramatic increase in voltage typically lasting only a few milliseconds
Cause: Lightning strikes, short circuits, power malfunction from the power company, short circuits etc.
Result: Equipment failure, data corruption etc.
A blackout refers to a complete loss of mains power.

Cause: Power grid overload, lightning, car accidents, power failure from supply company etc.

Result: Loss of unsaved work, hard drive damage, monetary loss to businesses etc.

A surge is a sudden increase in voltage for a short duration of time.

Cause: Power interruptions, sudden switch off power demanding appliances etc.

Result: Appliances damage, degradation of internal circuitry etc.

A brownout is a long-term decrease in supplied voltage, lasting up to several hours.
Cause: Thunderstorms, huge electrical power draws, electrical system overload etc.

Result: Reduced working efficiency of appliances, unexpected system behavior, data loss etc.

A sag is similar to a brownout. However, it is a short-term decrease in voltage supplied while a brownout is a long-term problem.

Cause:  Same as brownout
Result:  Same as brownout
Electrical Noise
The electrical noise refers to the interference caused by defective power supply or other electrical equipment. Electronic magnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) are the two main types of interference.
Cause: Radiation from high energy equipment, power lines etc.
Result: Affects system performance, data corruption, keyboard lock-up etc.

AN OVERVIEW OF UPS power solutions

The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a power protection device that provides backup power when the mains either fails or power drops to an unacceptable voltage level.

The design and size of the UPS usually determine how long it can supply power. The small-sized UPS provides just enough power for users to safely shutdown every equipment connected to it while the large, industry-sized ones can provide power supply for several hours.

A standard UPS detects the supply of unacceptable voltage—in the case of power surges or brownouts— and can automatically switch unto its battery power until normalcy is restored. It resolves most power problems while protecting electronic devices.

Why Use a UPS?

Power problems are typical, and they occur every day. Using a UPS will guarantee you an uninterrupted supply of power and protect your equipment.

Typical uses would be protecting main power supplies from critical loads, such as voltage dips, fluctuations, power surges, and unexpected power failures. 

Common uses of a UPS include providing backup power sources for communications systems, medical equipment, industrial machine control systems, computer systems, servers, fire alarms, security systems, etc.


An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) converts incoming alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) through the use of a rectifier.

An inverter converts the DC back to AC for distribution across the connected electrical equipment. This model ensures that the appliances are not directly connected, so that in the event of power surges, the UPS can intercept and prevent appliance damage.

The UPS, designed to be a power solutions to problems also protects electrical equipment.

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Upsonic have been a valuable vendor for over 6 years. Their excellent customer service and technical support is backed up with a quality product range.
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I have been dealing with upsonic exclusively for over 15 years and won’t go anywhere else. The personal touch they provide on every dealing are second to none. Brilliant product you can trust with a brilliant support team behind it that will help you regardless of your business size. When I first started using upsonic I was a small business and have grown considerably over the years and their dedicated and support hasn’t changed or waivered with my size. Highly recommend.

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Upsonic are so easy to deal with and get a hold of. Phenomenal customer service as they really go above and beyond to provide support. I deal mostly with the technical department and they make it so effortless I feel like a technician myself after I speak with them. Could not recommend a locally own and grown company more. Thank you for providing a UPS that lasts and a personal touch that lasts with you.
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