10 Ways Upsonic Power Can Help You

1. We will keep the computers, air conditioners, water systems and home medical equipment running in your residential premises. We stabilise power for internet use, TV streaming, while working, studying and living in your home. With us, you enjoy consistent unwavering power long enough for your generator to kick in or power your needs for any desired time frame.

2. Our UPS systems are essential for security cameras that monitor 24/7. They ensure your cameras don’t fail, leaving the security of your home or business vulnerable.

3. If you run a door company in Australia, you’ll find our products extremely helpful. Whether it be industrial doors like bunnings, factory doors in private industrial areas, home roller doors or commercial doors, we’ll power them efficiently. We also provide smaller units for roller shutters to operate.

4. We will power the lifts and escalators in your commercial environment or shopping centre.

5. We save you from extreme loss by powering your medical vaccine fridges. These fridges are not covered under insurance if there is a power outage without a connected UPS device.

6. We will ensure the comfort and security of the guests in your pubs, clubs, racing and night clubs through the use of security cameras, POS systems, computers and other machines.

7. Our systems and trained personnel will service blood donor banks, hospitals and ambulance to ensure no equipment fails.

8. Our products and services offer excellent backup for water treatment facilities and lab testing equipment. In the case of power failure, you get to keep your data and continue treatment as scheduled.

9. We protect massive servers in small to large businesses, so your company remains operational and you don’t lose your data.

10. We apply UPS essential posts like 000 call centres where they can’t have any down-time and need to be contactable 24/7.

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