Save Your Business From Crashing During the Next Power Failure

Imagine your city was hit by sudden power failure and you could only get back one of the following three commodities: time, money or information. Which would you choose to recover? That was a tough call to make. In reality, you’d be lucky to get such a choice, especially if you run a business that relies heavily on a stable power supply. We’re talking security companies, essential services, tech companies, medical facilities even running a server or POS terminal. The list of businesses that would suffer severe casualties from a blackout is endless. With the help of Upsonic Power, you don’t need to choose what to recover because you NEVER have to lose your precious time, money, or vital information to sudden power failure or surges. We’re a multi-scope organisation that deals with a broad spectrum of clients who offer essential or non-essential services. We provide power solutions to thousands of customers in Australia and New Zealand who have electrical devices in their home, office, or site space and can’t afford to lose power. In our 38 years of service, we have established ourselves as the leading power supply solutions company in Australia. Thousands of individuals and businesses rely on our products and services to keep their operations running 24/7.
Power Failure

Why Choose Upsonic Power?

Whether you only need a couple of minutes back up for a generator to kick in, or 5 minutes to shut down a computer correctly, or 2 hours to allow someone arrive on-site to keep everything operational, or 12-24 hours to ensure continuous business operation; we will meet your requirement.
We’re the one-stop-shop for top-quality power products. You can buy state-of-the-art UPS systems and their accessories to meet any requirements. We sell to wholesalers, retailers and end-users. Our electrical products will protect your vital devices, saving you money and time.
Our products and services are the ideal solutions to all six most common electrical disturbances. You’re protected from blackouts, spikes, surges, brownouts, sags, and electrical noises.
We provide our customers with phase conversion from single phase to 3 phase power and vice versa. You get to enjoy more efficient energy usage and less operating costs.
Our aim is to provide premium satisfaction to individuals and organisations that use our products or services. We’re never far away when you want to reach us. Our experts are available 24/7, every day for sales, service and support.
We want to create a non-stop world for all. Hence, we ensure practically anyone can afford to use our products and services. Our systems will save you money by keeping your devices safe and our prices are super affordable!

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Don’t wait until power outages ruin the business you’ve worked so hard to build. There’s no telling how much you could lose after an extended down-time. Act now! Contact us today so we can discuss your power requirements and how best we can serve you. Become a part of our non-stop world. Click the link below to get in touch with our experts.