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Quality service for all your power requirements
Upsonic Power offers you a variety of power services, delivered with the highest quality to suit your power requirements. From our maintenance agreements, UPS installation and commissioning, site audits, and electrical services, our team of professionals are readily available to provide you the necessary support for your home or business power solution. Check out our complete onsite services below. Click on a service to learn more.
  • UPS Maintenance Agreements:
Upsonic Power maintains an ongoing relationship with customers. Even after installation, we continue to provide complete support through high-quality maintenance services… Read more
  • Site Audits:
Upsonic Power carries out a thorough examination of your system to understand the status of your UPS equipment and determine the most fitting power protection solution… Read more
  • UPS Installation and Commissioning:
Install the power protection solution that meets all your power requirements. Our team of engineers will complete the set up and test for efficiency… Read more
  • Electrical Services:
Upsonic Power offers standard electrical services required for a successful UPS installation… Read more Do you have any questions about any of our services? Kindly use our Submit Enquiry form. We look forward to talking to you.