Single 240V to 3 phase 415V motor inverter with optional UPS backup. Models from 1.1KW to 7.5KW maximum three phase output
  • 240V single phase to 415V three phase, for 3 phase motors
  • Inverter VSD controlled with motor soft start
  • Suitable for ANY control system that uses contactors from motor switching
  • Easy to interface to 240V and 415V control systems
  • Existing door controls such as buttons, limits and protection devices remain untouched and functional
  • Various models for three phase motors up to 7.5KW or 10HP
  • Fully assembled and pre programmed to match your motor specifications
  • Steel enclosure with DIN input and output terminals
  • Australian designed and manufactured
  • Run critical 3 phase applications like roller doors, roller shutters, fire doors, and personal access doors during a power outage
  • Economical to purchase and install when compared to alternative 3 phase backup systems
  • Long running time (dependent on capacity of the UPS selected) 
  • Smoother running with less starting stress on mechanical components
  • Three Phase utility supply not required at all
  • Also suitable as a single phase to 3 phase converter for other 415V 3 phase applications like pumps, car hoists etc.