Upsonic’s Network Management Card (CS-NMC) has been designed to work on both the ESART Line Interactive range from 1kVA to 3kVA as well as the CSCT/CSCRT 1kVA to 10kVA UPS solutions. When optioning the CS-NMC with the Upsonic range of UPS it allows for remote monitoring and control of an individual UPS via Web browser. The CS-NMC provides exceptional reliability and enables the UPS to provide real time notifications of any issues when they occur. An optional environmental sensor (CS-EMP) can be added to the CS-NMC to provide temperature and humidity readings. Notifications can also be sent to keep you aware of any cooling issues.

The network management card has the following features:

  • Ideal monitoring solution enables user to monitor and control the status of UPS on web browser via internet
  • Communicates with UPS and respond to Network Management System using SNMP
  • Supports RTC
  • Supports software to shutdown server or client operating system safely during the power failure