• Microprocessor control – guarantees high realiability and efficient operation
  •  Equipped with buck and boost AVR – to stabilise input voltage and extend battery life.
  • Built-in DC start function – enables UPS to be started without AC power supplied
  • USB Communication Port with Free Software – (download available from the internet)
  • Auto restart on AC recovery
  • Compact size, light weight – Saves space and money
  • Provides Modem/Phoneline Surge Protection – provides overlad protection
  • Comprehensive Warranty – 3 years warranty (2 years on battery)
  • Graphic LCD Display – easy to understand
  • Green Function – < 100 watt

The DSV series UPS is a high quality, compact and affordable UPSs suitable for WORKSTATIONS, SMALL BUSINESS, POS EQUIPMENT, ROLLER SHUTTERS and PC’s.

This UPS features a state of the art automatic voltage regulator (AVR – Buck and Boost), which enables the UPS to maintain a secure and regulated output volatage, without utilising batteries, for mains voltages between 207VAC and 265VAC.

The DSV Series has a voltage surge/spike suppressor and noise filter, providing continuous power protection under all operating conditions. In the event of a total power failure the Domestic Series will provide <6 mSec change over to battery backup from the maintenance free internal batteries.

When the DSV series is utilised with the intelligent shutdown software, it is able to provide detailed information of the status of input power quality, record power events and perform a fully automatic system save and close-down in the event of a power failure.

A RJ11/Rj45 (1000-2000) network connection ACA approved telephone line filter is integral with the Domestic Series UPS to protect sensitive Phone, fax and modern equipment, from power disturbances entering the phone lines.