Line Interactive - Sine Wave - 1000VA to 3000VA

  • AVR Buck and Boost
    Extends battery life
  • Pure Sine Wave Output
    Ensures highest level of power output quality
  • User Friendly LCD Display
    For ease of use and readability
  • Advanced Battery Management
    Prolongs battery life
  • Australian 3 Pin Socket
    User friendly
  • 97% High Efficiency in Normal Mode
    Lower operating costs
  • User Replaceable Batteries
    Ease of maintenance
  • Plug-and-Play USB/RS232 Interface
    For UPS software control shutdown
  • Comprehensive Warranty
    3 year warranty (2 years on battery)
Upsonic Power's Commercial UPS
Click Commercial brochure for specifications.
The Commercial Series, features AVR (Buck and Boost), Pure Sine Wave Output, User Friendly LCD Display, User Replaceable Battery, Advanced Battery Management Function, Cold Start Function and USB Communication Interface. The Cmmercial Series UPS Provides a high-performance but inexpensive power protection solution for most business critical file servers, minicomputers, network switches and hubs, etc.

Sine Wave Output provides assurance of compatibility with many kinds of loads.

Advanced Battery Management prevents Deep- Discharge of the built-in battery during a power failure when the load is minimum.

User Friendly LCD display clearly indicates all major system parameters and system status including load level, AVR-Buck/Boost and fault status.

97% High Efficiency in Normal Mode meets high energy saving standard and reduces noise and heat. AVR Buck and Boost automatically corrects either undervoltage or over-voltage conditions without unnecessary battery drain and extends the battery life.

User Replaceable Battery Function. The communication software bundled allows not only the control of the UPS and graceful shutdown when power fails, but also allows the user to remotely test the major operating functions of the UPS, communicate via SNMP/Web/Network adapter, access UPS functions via the Web and also alert users via SMS messages against specific events.