10kVA - Stand Alone On-Line Double Conversion UPS

  • Flexible Use
    Available in 3/3, 3/1 and 1/1
  • Smallest Footprint
    With measurements of only 90mm(W) x 600mm(D) results in 2 more power per cm while weighing only 18kgs. (UPS Component)
  • Low Operating Cost
    Energy saving 10kVA has only 384W heat dissipated at full load
  • Clean Environment
    High Efficiency AC/AC: 96%
    Low input THDi: 4%
    Input PF 1
    Back Light LCD
The POWER+ SA is a stand alone double conversion on line 10KVA UPS configurable as 3/3, 3/1, 1/1 with a very small footprint (90(w) x 600(d) mm) and 540 mm high for the electronic cabinet which weighs less than 20Kg.

Upsonic Power's Power+ SA UPS
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The Power+ SA has high efficiency AC/AC 96% and DC/AC 98% low input THD(linear load) <2% and an input power factor close to unity.

The control is by back light LCD screen mounted at a convenient angle to enable clear view and easier use when looking for information or interrogating the UPS. Batteries are housed in a separate cabinet that can be located in a convenient out of the way area and is easily serviced by trained technicians.

The UPS is intelligent and can support SNMP and GMaCi communication as well as maintaining the last 200 events in its on board "events memory".

The Power+ SA UPS is ideal for maintaining power to critical loads for the period of "hope" between mains power outage and auto start generator coming on line. With a single string of 5 Ah batteries the Power+ SA can maintain a full load (8,000Watt) for approximately 7 minutes, which is ample time for an auto start generator to come on line and power the load.

It is recommended the Power+ SA is supplied with a Maintenance By Pass switch to enable the UPS be taken off line for maintenance, without interrupting the load. It is also recommended the input to the Power+ SA UPS is protected with a quality surge filter or surge diverter.