Parallel Redundant UPS System Modular and Upgradeable- 10kVA to 100kVA

  • Can Be Expanded
    Increased reliability, and protection is provided by passive redundancy
  • System can be Expanded
    As demand for load increases add more UPS 10 kVA modules
  • Truly Uninterruptible Power
    Load constantly supplied from battery regardless of input power conditions
  • Clean Environment
    System operates on continuous current mode (CCM) reducing line interference (RFI/EMI)
  • Power Controller
    With internal communications card for management by Ethernet software
  • Savings on Electricity Usage
    Output efficiency of 96% means lower cost and lower heat dissipation
  • Comprehensive Warranties
    Full 2 year replacement warranty on UPS and 2 years on batteries
  • Space Saver
    It's revolutionary design with small footprint saves space. Even when you upgrade you stack upwards, not sideways
Upsonic Power's Power + UPS
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The POWER + is a parallel redundant UPS comprising from 1 to 10 UPS modules each of 10KVA, a system controller, centralized static switch module and distribution block. It can be configured as a 3/3, 3/1 or a 1/1 system.

The POWER + gives you maximum flexibility - it can be extended as the load increases, by simply sliding in more modules.

The POWER + is truly modular - upgradeable from 1 to 10 modules, each of 10kVA, allowing you to assemble a UPS system of up to 100kVA

The POWER + is designed according to IEC- 62040- 3 standard: "The Inverter always supplies the power to the load and it takes its power from either the a.c. input via the rectifier or from the battery. The rectifier has to be controlled so as to recharge and maintain the battery in a charged condition". In other words, the battery is connected between inverter output and rectifier input on common DC link.

The POWER + is based on green power technology. The system has a unity input power factor (0.99) and a very low input THD. It operates in Continuous Current Mode (CCM), reducing line interferences (RFI / EMI).In short - clean environment!

The POWER + system has active current sharing at the input / output and battery. In short - higher reliability!

The POWER + has an output efficiency of up to 96%,and 98% efficiency during back up mode. In short - savings on electricity!

Light & Compact Only 9Kg per UPS module! The POWER + light weight and small dimensions allow for easy maintenance, reduced shipping costs and smaller foot print.

Power+ Controller

The Power+ sophisticated controller includes a unique true power analyzer, yet it does not become a "single point of failure". Allows a variety of communications options such as TCP/IP, and wireless cellular communication.

Power+ Management Application

Power+ controller has an internal communication card -GMaCi - and can be managed by Ethernet software. Power + management software enables monitoring and controlling of the Power+ as well as automatic computer shutdown. The user friendly GUI provides real time monitoring which permits detailed operational power.