True On-Line UPS - 6000VA to 24000VA

  • Double Conversion Technology
    Fully regenerated sine wave output independent of utility supply
  • Parallel/Redundancy/Flexibility
    To cater for business growth & redundancy option
  • Constant Voltage Constant Frequency (CVCF) Programmable
    For the highest quality output
  • Customer Options Slot
    SNMP/USB/Relay Card
  • LCD/LED Panel
    Real time Power, Battery and Load Status
  • Galvanic Isolation Transformer
    Ensures output is totally independent of input
  • Smart Speed Controlled Fan
    To extend UPS service life and reduce noise
  • Comprehensive Warranty
    3 year warranty (2 years on battery)
Upsonic Power's Industrial Parallel RT UPS
Click Industrial Parallel RT brochure for specifications.
Using a field-proven Digital Signal Processor (DSP), the Industrial Parallel Series UPS performs as a truly userfriendly unit for easy operation and access to system information and unit customisation. Parallel/Redundancy (N+1)/Load Sharing/ enables you to increase power capacity or make redundant systems. Simply connecting the parallel control lines with CAN-bus communication to all units, the UPS can operate in parallel mode. The maximum parallel operation of up to 4 units. Dual Input Loops design provides a loop for rectifier and another for Bypass.

An easy-to-read LCD/LED display provides real-time power status such as input voltage, output voltage, battery voltage, battery level, load level, input/output frequency, temperature of inner cabinet, error code, UPS status, etc. A full-size graphical LCD display provides advanced monitoring functions that greatly enhances the friendly operating interface.

Air forced cooling by internally mounted fans with Fan Speed adjusted according to load.

In Real ECO (Economic) operation mode, the power supplied to load is through the Static Switch. It will automatically transfer to inverter supply, if bypass Utility/Mains AC is out of tolerance. A variety of communication options are offered, such as USB, SNMP, serial and true relay card.

Standard Matching Battery Cabinets are available to extend the UPS runtime to several hours.

The Intelligent self-diagnostics inside the DSP may help service engineers to check out failure points rapidly.

Automatic and Manual Bypass ensures continuous supply of power to the critical load in the event of electronic failure, overload, overheat or scheduled maintenance.